A selection built from the heart of the Auvergne Region in France, where the elaboration of Dry Sausages and Cooked Ham is carried out respecting family traditions and values. A second-to-none range of charcuterie including Pates, Cooked Hams, Cured Hams, saucissons, and salami. All to the best standards of quality, available whole or pre-sliced. In order to offer a full range, we also select the best of Italy, Spain, or even Switzerland.


Saucisson Sec is the French name for Dry Sausage. It is made from a mixture of meat (about 3/4 to 1/4 of lean meat fat) minced more or less finely, salted (for good conservation), seasoned and dried with natural or artificial casing for 4 to 6 weeks. There are two main varieties of dried sausages, those using medium and large mincing (the most common dry sausages in France, such as the Rosette, Jesus, Montagnard…) and those with thin mincing (Danish salami for instance).


Salami is a sausage, pure pork or pork and beef, lightly smoked with a large mincing and calibered for large slices.In Italy, the word “salami” means defines all dr y sausages.


Chorizo is a Spanish saucisson made from pork or a mix of pork and beef, seasoned with salt and Spanish paprika, which gives it its rust color and slightly fruity taste.


Dry or smoked, the only real dry ham is made from the top of the hind limb of the pig. Dry hams are rubbed several times in salt and subject to slow maturation. The technique of salting, pig farming, feeding, the drying process and maturation give each ham a certain flavour and colour. The quality of hams depends on traditional know-how and patience. The drying time has a large impact on the final taste of Dry Hams.


Only meat from the hind leg of the pig is used for the preparation of cooked ham, according to European rules. There are different ways to cook it, with or without bones, using different broths and cooking methods. The quality of the ham depends on the selection of the raw material, the weight, the texture and the thickness of the rind. The French manufacturing process is certified by an independent institution “Savoir-Faire Charcutier Français”. Since 1992, our brand, Noix Fine is the reference for Cooked Ham among artisan Delicatessen, Butchers, Caterers and Chefs . It carries on a traditional know-how, and is recognized for its range of products matured bone-in. Cooked Ham is the most popular Charcuterie product in France.


“Terrine & pâtés” are made with pork meat chopped into pieces, mixed with eggs, milk, jelly, poaching and marinade of the raw meat before mincing the ingredients are the steps that differentiate the different patés : thin mincing for the duck liver pate, middle mincing with a fine paste in which are detached pieces of liver and wild mushrooms for forest pâté or pâté with puff paste for festive pâté such as “pâté en croute”.


Rillettes are made from pork cooked in pork fat, but also from goose, duck or chicken. Meats need to be tasty, well-matured in order to withstand the long cooking time. The most famous “Rillette” are “Les Rillettes du Mans”. They have a light color. Lean cuts of pork are browned, then slowly cooked in fat, with a moderate and regular temperature. Cooking takes a minimum of 5 hours.


Auvernou dry sausages are prepared in the heart of Auvergne in France where the environment is suitable for pork farming and cured products manufacturing. Auvernou brand has adapted its recipes, formats and packaging in order to answer new consumption habits. Auvernou is a brand dedicated to French traditional snacking.

Frais Devant

Frais devant is a retail brand of sliced cold cuts and hams either organic or regular. It claims a natural positioning for a cool and gourmet generation looking for quality and terroir. Frais devant products can be found in the chilled food section, where the brand offer a large choice of charcuterie and delicacies.